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What are Audio Rehab's Services?

Repairing Digital and Analog Gear for Studios and Musicians to the Component Level

Greg Granieri of Audio Rehab repairs digital and analog audio gear for studios and musicians to component level.

Ashdown amplifier repairs

Back in 1977 Greg Granieri had his first brush with fame. The Boom Town Rats were in townSlash of Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver and needed some work done on their Marshall Amp, Greg did the repair and Bob Geldof was happy. In 2009, Greg repaired an Ashdown amplifier for Slash. As the list of pro musicians and studios increasingly expect the best, they call on Greg Granieri.

Factory Service Center for Amplifiers, Mixers, Keyboards and Pro Audio Gear

Audio Rehab is a factory service repair center for many professional audio manufacturers. Audio Rehab is a factory service center for amplifiers, mixing boards, keyboards, pre amps and professional outboard gear.

  1. AER Amplifier Service Center

       The acoustic people, AER, manufacturers amplifiers and public address equipment.

  2. Aguilar Amplifier Service Center

       Aguilar makes cabinet amps, pre-amps and bass amplifiers.

  3. Allen and Heath Service Center

       Used in the music industry for many years, Allen&Heath build analog and digital mixing boards.

  4. Ampeg Service Center

       Ampeg manufacturers cabinet and rack mount amplifiers for guitars and bass guitars.

  5. Ashdown Engineering Service Center

       Ashdown primarily makes tube and hybrid tube-solidstate bass amps.

  6. Blackstar Amps Service Center

       Blackstar Artisan amplification, musicians making hand-wired amps.

  7. Focusrite Service Center

       Focusrite markets microphone preamps, audio interfaces and analog EQs.

  8. Gallien-Krueger Service Center

       Gallien Krueger, cabinet and rack mount amplifiers for bass guitars.

  9. Kurzweil Music Systems Service Center

       Kurzweil manufacturers keyboards and digital pianos.

  10. Mackie Service Center

       Mackie, analog and digital mixers, loud speakers, studio monitors and pro support gear.

  11. Nord Keyboards Service Center

       Nord makes keyboards, digital pianos and organs.

  12. Novation Service Center

       Novation is a manufacturer of midi and synthesizer controllers.

  13. Peavey Service Center

       Peavey, power amps, mixing boards, power distribution gear and processing & effects gear.

  14. Yamaha Service Center

       With their unique expertise and sensibilities, gained from their devotion to sound and music, Yamaha is committed to creating excitement and cultural inspiration.

Audio Rehab is the worldwide service center for non-warranty repairs of Aphex products.
Please call Aphex directly for warranty repairs. 818-767-2929

Emergency Service

Audio Rehab understands how important it is to get your gear running, especially when you need it right now. We have been providing emergency services to the Music and Studio Industry for years.

For touring bands:

  1. 1975...Boomtown Rats (Bob Geldof)
  2. 1984...Bonnie Raitt
  3. 1985...Duran Duran
  4. 1999...Stevie Wonder, Green Day
  5. 2010...Slash, Danger Mouse, Beck and many more.
  6. 2011...Elton John
  7. 2012...Poison Bret Michaels, Doo-WahRiders, Glen Campbell
  8. 2013...FleetwoodMac, Dweezil Zappa, Whitesnake, Everclear, Smashmouth

And for Venues:

  1. 1986..Showboat, Trump, and Harrah's Casinos in Atlantic City
  2. 2002...Anaheim Convention Center
  3. 2010...Troubadour, The Echo, Viper Room
  4. 2011...Roxy Theater, Riverside City College-Landis Theater
  5. 2012...Conan O'Brien, The Ellen Show, The Viper Room
  6. 2013...Grammy Museum, The Tonight Show, Madison Square Garden

And for Studios:

  1. 2005...O'Henry's
  2. 2009...Firehouse Recording
  3. 2010...RH Factor, East-West, Mix LA, Warner Bros. many more
  4. 2011...Todd-AO, The Village, and many more.
  5. 2012...Glenwood Place, James Newton Howard, The Orange Lounge Toronto
  6. 2013...Fever, Pacifique and many more

Greg uses the latest Industry Standard test equipment to thoroughly troubleshoot your item that comes into the shop. He not only tests your gear with his fancy electronic equipment, but sets it up in his mini studio right in the shop for real world applications. He has Digidesign LE and TDM and Apple Logic 8 to test your AD/DA converters and digital workstations. Greg understands your guitar, bass and keyboard amps and how they should sound.

"Okay, I'll brag a little bit, because I'm proud to be of service."

Keyboards repaired

Greg has humility, but is still proud to service the Professional Audio Industry, so a little bragging is in order.

As owner of The Music Works in Philadelphia, Greg Granieri worked on many artists gear. Many times just before a show.

At 4pm on a Friday, Greg got a call from the management of Duran Duran. "Our Synthesizer Just Failed During the Sound Check." Duran Duran was playing at the Spectrum that night and their Roland Jupiter 8 failed during sound check...

The synth didn't survive the trip from Italy a few days earlier. Greg fixed it just in time, and the show went on!

Greg repaired the Theremin at CBS. Greg repaired the Mellotron at Capitol Records.

Greg repaired Stevie Wonder's Hohner D6 clavinet and Fender Rhodes keyboard.

Ray Charles received six Wurlitzer electric pianos from West LA Music. Greg was the first to tune them!

Producers, Audio Engineers and Professional Musicians

Audio Rehab Shop

Audio Rehab's repair service is focused towards the needs of Music Producers, Audio Engineers and Professional Musicians. The professionals in the music industry. People who need quality equipment repaired by a qualified, professional audio repair shop.

Greg has done work for many of the Music Industry's well known professionals: David Cole of David Cole Music, Recording Engineer Mike Ging, Ronit Kirchman of Love Ensemble, Candace Stewart at Firehouse Recording Studios, Michael Cuneo, producer, engineer and composer, of Never Never Music.

Digital mixing boards repaired

Recommended by Many Audio Manufacturers, Pro Audio Dealers, Sound Engineers and Professional Musicians

At Audio Rehab it's all about the gear. We fix all manufacturers audio equipment. Some manufacturers and dealers recommend using Audio Rehab to have their equipment repaired. Greg Granieri's work is recommended by many of the Industry's Audio Engineers and Professional Musicians, too.

  1. Anthony DeMaria Labs makes an award winning amplifier, model ADL 600, Anthony DeMaria Labs recommends Audio Rehab.
  2. The Ashdown Engineering line of amplifiers is very high end and very popular with bass players. Ashdown Engineering recommends Audio Rehab.
  3. Bass Exchange in Sherman Oaks, California sell bass guitars, amps and accessories. Bass Exchange recommends Audio Rehab.
  4. Soundcraft Mixing Boards, a division of Harman International, recommends Audio Rehab.
  5. Vintage King sells refurbished pro audio equipment. Vintage King recommends Audio Rehab.

Please take a look at our Links Page for Audio Rehab's partial list of clients.

How Much Will My Repair Cost?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. It is also one of the most important questions. But...it is one of the hardest questions to answer without troubleshooting your damaged item.

Why I must Evaluate Before I Quote

The cost to repair an item can have a significant range. The amount of damage is the largest factor affecting the cost. Other variables considered in pricing include the cost of the replacement components, the testing required to verify that the item has been repaired correctly, and also whether there have been previous repairs or repair attempts. Only a thorough evaluation can produce an accurate repair quote.

There is a $50.00 fee which is absorbed into the total cost. This covers my first half-hour of troubleshooting.

Audio Rehab is a Pro Audio Warranty Repair Center

What brands of audio equipment do I repair?

Capacitors in an electronic circuit
  1. AER Amplifiers
  2. Allen and Heath
  3. Ampeg
  4. Ashdown Engineering
  5. Eden
  6. Gallien-Krueger
  7. Korg
  8. Kurzweil
  9. Kawai
  10. Marshall
  11. Nord
  12. Novation
  13. Mackie
  14. Peavey
  15. Randall
  16. Roland
  17. SoundTech
  18. Suzuki
  19. Vox

Audio Rehab is the world-wide service center for non-warranty repairs of Aphex products.
Please call Aphex directly for warranty repairs. 818-767-2929

Focusrite Service CenterAguilar Amplifier Service CenterAllen and Heath Service CenterAmpeg Service CenterAshdown Engineering Service CenterGallien-Krueger Service CenterKurzweil Music Systems Service CenterNord Keyboards Service CenterNovation Service CenterMackie Service CenterPeavey Service CenterAER Amplifier Service CenterYamaha Service Center

Tube, Transistor, and Hybrid Amplifier Repairs for Professionals in the Music Industry

Audio Rehab repairs tube/transistor hybrid amplifiers for professional musicians.
These companies make All Tube and Tube/Transistor Hybrid Amps:

  1. Ampeg
  2. Fender
  3. Marshall
  4. Ashdown
  5. Peavey
  6. Eden
  7. Vox
  8. Yamaha
  9. Randall
  10. Line 6
  11. Hughes & Kettner
  12. Mesa Boogie
  13. Hartke
  14. Orange
  15. Demeter
  16. Aguilar

and many more including esoteric amps like:

  1. PRS
  2. MEAN 13
  3. George Dennis
  4. Carr
  5. Hayden

Audio Rehab repairs tube power amplifiers.
These companies make Tube Power Amps:

  1. Marshall
  2. MesaBoogie
  3. Suhr
  4. Rivera
  5. Jolida
  6. Bogner
  7. Manley

Audio Rehab repairs transistor or solid state amplifiers.
These companies make Transistor or Solid State Amps:

  1. Crown
  2. Focusrite
  3. Gallien-Krueger
  4. QSC
  5. Mackie

Audio Rehab repairs them all.