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Pro Audio Repair Shop for Los Angeles

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Audio Rehab repairs all professional digital and analog audio equipment. Audio Rehab repairs vintage audio equipment. Greg Granieri of Audio Rehab repairs solid state and tube equipment, analog and digital equipment, amplifiers, out board equipment and mixing consoles. Audio Rehab is located in Burbank, California so it is very convenient to the whole Los Angeles area.

All services are backed with a 90 day warranty.

Qualified to Repair your Equipment

  • With over 30 years experience, Greg Granieri, of Audio Rehab, is one of the leaders in repairing professional audio equipment, and is considered to be a valued resource.
  • Greg has a natural talent for troubleshooting Frenzel amplifier repairssolutions from the simple to the complex.
  • Well known names from Hollywood's exclusive recording and post production studios, celebrities, and music professionals continue to call upon Greg Granieri for his professional services.
  • Audio Rehab is an authorized service center for the Aguilar, Focusrite and Roland lines of professional audio equipment.
  • Most importantly, Greg's reputation is why many continue to seek him out by word of mouth. His simple philosophy - QUALITY OF WORK - and not the names of the clients that he continues to serve.

Musical Instrument Technicians AssociationGreg has grown with the changes in electronics, he is able to repair anything from analog tube amps to digital mixing boards. Greg's been on the "Qualified to Repair Fender Gear" list for the last 15 years, his Fender number is #GBB17. Greg is a member of the Musical Instrument Technicians Association, MITA.

Audio Rehab is a Warranty Center for Professional Audio Equipment

Audio Rehab is a warranty center for these brands

Allen & Heath GL3300 in for repair and cleaning
  1. AER Amplifiers
  2. Allen and Heath
  3. Ampeg
  4. Ashdown Engineering
  5. Blackstar
  6. Eden
  7. Focusrite
  8. Gallien-Krueger
  9. Korg
  10. Kurzweil
  11. Kawai
  12. Marshall
  13. Nord
  14. Novation
  15. Mackie
  16. Peavey
  17. Randall
  18. Roland
  19. SoundTech
  20. Suzuki
  21. Vox

Tube, Transistor, and Hybrid Amplifier Repairs for Professional Bass Players and Guitarists

Audio Rehab repairs tube/transistor hybrid amplifiers for professional musicians.
These companies make All Tube and Tube/Transistor Hybrid Amps:

Aguilar DB750 Bass Amplifier
  1. Ampeg
  2. Fender
  3. Marshall
  4. Ashdown
  5. Peavey
  6. Eden
  7. Vox
  8. Yamaha
  9. Randall
  10. Line 6
  11. Hughes & Kettner
  12. Mesa Boogie
  13. Hartke
  14. Orange
  15. Demeter
  16. Aguilar

and many more including esoteric amps like:

  1. PRS
  2. MEAN 13
  3. George Dennis
  4. Carr
  5. Hayden

Audio Rehab repairs tube power amplifiers.
These companies make Tube Power Amps:

  1. Marshall
  2. MesaBoogie
  3. Suhr
  4. Rivera
  5. Jolida
  6. Bogner
  7. Manley

Audio Rehab repairs transistor or solid state amplifiers.
These companies make Transistor or Solid State Amps:

  1. Crown
  2. Focusrite
  3. Gallien-Krueger
  4. QSC
  5. Mackie

Audio Rehab repairs them all.

Studer reel to reel tape machine

Audio Rehab your Best Choice in
Pro Audio Repairs

Greg Granieri has 30 years of experience repairing professional audio equipment for many Professional Musicians, Exclusive Recording and Post Production Studios.VU meter Although, for Greg the most important thing is how well the audio equipment is fixed, not the name of the owner.

What makes Greg Granieri and Audio Rehab better than any other shop?
Greg is a musician with a technical background. This makes an awesome combination when it comes to serving his clients and their equipment.

"I care about my client's equipment. I am a musician and I've been on stage, so I know how important it is to have a piece of gear you can trust will work."

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3096 N. Clybourn Ave. Burbank, CA 91505

We're open Monday-Friday 9AM to 6PM